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Carefully hidden sugar: 7 products “without sugar”

Осторожно, скрытый сахар: 7 продуктов «без сахара»The daily rate of consumption of sugar for women is 6 teaspoons.

Even if you are the supporters of a healthy lifestyle, this does not mean that your diet no junk food.

Experts told about the seven popular foods with hidden sugar.

Inviting bright packages of oatmeal or buckwheat is quick cooking contain not only sugar, but numerous other harmful components. This Breakfast can not only affect the figure, but also cause digestive disorders, acne and other health problems. Do not be lazy to prepare their own Breakfast!

We used to carry yogurt to the category of dietary products. However, this drink can seriously affect the hormonal system. This is due to the presence in the yogurt large amounts of sugar, which leads to a sharp insulin spike. Experts note that in one bottle of drinking yogurt contains eight spoons of sugar.

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Who of us would refuse to eat delicious chicken a bit of sugar with your favorite ketchup? That’s just to cook the sauces we often lazy, so we save the situation with the purchased product. Forgetting that in a standard package of ketchup contains as much as 15 grams of sugar, what to speak of salad dressings and other sauces.

Wishing to lose weight often include in your menu whole grain bread. While dieticians do not advise strongly to get involved in such a product. The fact that this type of bread contains sugar or corn syrup with high fructose, what exactly will benefit your health.

Few people know that the sushi rice is made up of sugar and rice vinegar. Nevertheless, we are happy to feast on this delicious dish of Japanese cuisine. But in vain! After all, two cups of sushi rice accounts for as much as two tablespoons of sugar. In addition, standard roll, consisting of 60-75% rice content of carbohydrates is equal to two slices of bread.

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The benefits of low-fat products nutritionists have questioned for a long time. And there are a lot of reasons. First, producers of cheese and yogurt with low calorie are trying to make them more appealing to our taste buds, so add in the sugar, dyes and preservatives. And secondly, the fat-free products contain 0% nutrients.

The foods that contain hidden sugar, can be attributed to packaged juices. Nutritionists regularly argue about whether there is real benefit from the consumption of such drinks, or is it better to eat fresh fruit. One of their views precisely agree: if you want to benefit the body make juice yourself.

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