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Cardiologists told how to quickly get rid of the attack of tachycardia

Кардиологи подсказали, как быстро снять приступ тахикардииHow to relieve palpitation without medication.

There are moments when the heart suddenly starts racing and wants to go back to a normal rhythm. Follow the advice of cardiologists, which can help quickly relieve the tachycardia, they are very simple.

One of the suggested by doctors methods based on the principle of a sharp decline in body temperature. In such circumstances, the heartbeat slowed down as a result of the fact that the nervous system optimizes the physiological processes, allowing the body to adapt to the new conditions.

What to do: cooling the face. As a person close to my heart and its just to cool, dip it for a few seconds in a bowl of cold water (can add ice).

Or peoplesite in the face or just wash your face with very cold water. As an option – wipe face with ice.

Another quick way to normalize the heartbeat is the impact on the vagus nerve, responsible for the frequency of heart beats.

What to do: stretch the abdominal muscles. Pre-take a deep breath. Close your nostrils with your fingers, close your mouth, lower eyelids. All this while, keep your abdominal muscles tight, don’t let go. Try to breathe out, still holding the closed nose and mouth, and continuing to strain the stomach.

Cardiologists are reminded: in some cases tachycardia is a natural phenomenon. Perhaps you are just stressed and he was nervous. If no apparent reason, especially if in addition to palpitations pain in the chest or a feeling of lack of air, you need to urgently seek medical assistance.

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