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Cardiologists named one of the healthiest foods for the heart

Кардиологи назвали один из самых полезных продуктов для сердцаDoctors called the ideal product for the cores.

Danish experts examined the food and found the most effective product for strengthening the cardiovascular system.

With regular consumption of this product helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. We are talking about the usual seaweed. It is effective in any form – dried, fresh and in salads.

However, the effect can be felt only if you consume seaweed on a daily basis, emphasize the scientists. This proved an experiment with volunteers. People who had problems with the cardiovascular system, were divided into two groups. The first group consumed familiar foods without changing diet. The second group of every day eating seaweed as a Supplement to the main diet.

A few months a comparative analysis of health status. It turned out that the second group has significantly improved, the heart became better able to cope with its function, blood pressure decreased, and mood, especially early in the morning and the evening improved.

According to scientists, the presence of seaweed in the Japanese diet explains why they have one of the lowest levels of morbidity of cardiovascular diseases in the world.

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