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Cardiologists called the product a “kill” heart

Кардиологи назвали продукт, "убивающий" сердцеThis popular product is dangerous for the cardiovascular system.

Coconut oil is poison, as stated by a reputable Harvard Professor. In his opinion, this is one of the worst foods you can eat.

Dr. Karin Michaels from Harvard, who is also involved in research in the field of tumors at the University of Freiburg, in his speech on German television called coconut oil pure venom. Dr Michaels confessed to the audience that this is one of the worst foods that can eat people.

This statement has caused a fierce debate among experts in the field of healthy nutrition. Many of them believe coconuts healthy fat, but even the American heart Association encourages people to use them with great caution.

In recent years the coconut oil began to gain popularity. Cardiologists explain that to his pleasant taste, but this product is not good for our arteries.

Dr. Michaels claims that coconut oil is even worse than lard (fat rendered from hog fat), once a hit among Housewives of the 1950-ies. It was subsequently shown that it is extremely harmful to human health. However, a survey of 2016 showed that at least 70% of Americans believe coconut oil is useful, and some even called it one of the healthiest in the world.

The invasion of coconut oil began in the early 2000s after two research scientists at Columbia University have shown the benefits of medium chain fatty acids found in coconuts.

It turned out that they consumed people lose weight faster than the others due to the more rapid fat burning. However, the results of these studies have been criticized. The fact that the level of medium-chain fatty acids in coconuts is only 14%, and the participants in those studies received 100% of the acids from food.

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