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Carbon monoxide is a teaser of ant horror film “It came from the desert”

Giant ants – not the most obvious subject for horror, but we here at Zone Horror, about a couple of such projects write regularly. DEAD ANT until today it seemed more fun and crazy, but there is “It came from the desert” (It Came from the Desert) was pleased with a witty teaser.

The picture is an adaptation of the eponymous game of the late 80’s. We are waiting for funny (and bloody) adventure, motocross, party in the desert, a secret underground military base and, of course, the ants overgrown. Vigorous kneading, in short.

Visually it is not much, the actors sometimes find Raven, computer graphics straight from the last century, but there is in fact a huge fucking ants! Despite the fact that the film is stated as horror Comedy, the first trailer didn’t spoil the humor, there was even a suspicion: it is not a serious smah we will tell the story? The new teaser answers: no, it’s okay, the creators and you know that without fun there is not enough.

“It came from the desert” took Marco Makilala (“war of the dead”). He also worked on the script with the participation of Trent Haaga (“to Kill for 68”), and Hank Woon Jr. (the”Atlantic frontier”). Alex mills, Vanessa Grasse, Harry Smith, James Alper, Claudia Trujillo, mark Arnold in the cast.

Promise to release in 2017, but when it is, I only know of the ant.

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