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Capitalism with the us-China face

Капитализм с американо-китайским лицом

I watched the film 2019 “American factory”. Two hours shows capitalist model on a concrete example. An example of the implementation “of Fuyao glass America” in the modern United States, although it seems logical to consider this example and how the introduction of any other country – at least in France, even in Russia or Angola, or Namibia…

I saw in this film an example of the exploitation of man by man, and this example obviously is not something exceptional. The basic principle – everything is done gradually and is no guarantee of promises that eventually led three years to eliminate the leadership and the ranks of the working of all the extra workers. To replace workers who had older age and had my experience, younger workers, who have learned to execute work process steps, but have no experience. That is new employees that don’t know how to fight for their rights and do not live by reason and to their emotions.


That is why the workers voted for the rejection of a trade Union at the company. But their work will end soon and then the presence of a Union will not help to keep my job. One reason – capitalism and the development of new technologies and their use in the interests of the capitalists, so in the interests of the bourgeois class. In the film about it openly saying the owners and managers about future layoffs and the substitution of the people by manipulators (see 1ch.45m.), if you look after 1H.30m. there is shown how the squeeze out the unwanted. To solve this problem beyond the help of any Union. The situation could be changed, but only through changing socio-economic structure in the country. Only this was in the movie not a word, though sound words about the Communist party of China since the creation of the company “Fuyao glass America” do the Chinese, who came from led by the “Communist party” of the country – from China to the United States. This is an example of how the name or the sign is not what is written or portrayed. It is possible to recall a conclusion by anecdote with a sense that no matter what is written on the fence – look over the fence and there is not what is written on the fence. So we see that the film not only shows us modern capitalism, but also opens our eyes to the deception about the alleged socialist China.

Looking at the picture that shows the authors of the film, it can be concluded that if not to fight for their interests will strangle us this bourgeois system, since it eliminates all the unnecessary “screws” securing the system. This will lead eventually to its destruction and the rubble of the system alone can not survive on this and it is necessary today to fight for their rights together.

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