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Canadian student-a Jewish woman subjected to harassment for wanting to go to Israel

Канадская студентка-еврейка подверглась травле за желание поехать в Израиль

A student of the oldest higher educational institutions of Canada — McGill University (Montreal, Quebec) — jordyn Wright was subjected to harassment for a trip to Israel organised by the local branch of Hillel. This was the girl she told on his page on “Facebook”.

“Year after year we witness as student leaders McGill University become the objects of persecution for their Jewish identity and Pro-Israel. This year this student is me,” said Wright.

The girl recalls that is a member of the Legislative Council of the University, and is on the Board of Directors of the student community.

This winter she was to take part in a trip called “face to Face” to Israel and the Palestinian authority. According to her, the tour will include meeting “with politicians, journalists and local residents to better understand the causes of geopolitical conflict.” “My relationship with Israel — as a Jewish woman — is one of the key aspects of my identity,” she added.

As soon as her decision to visit the Jewish state became known to the College community, the Legislative Council immediately voted for her resignation. Moreover, according to Wright, the head of the Council actively urged his colleagues to “attack her”. “Only I was the object of persecution, despite the fact that another member of the Board (not a Jew) gathered to participate in the trip. I’m disappointed, discouraged, but not surprised. This is not the first time student-Jew out of government, McGill University”, she continued.

The girl added that became the object of attacks by student leaders and at her own school: “I was dumbfounded when last week the Council on science I was interrogated for almost two hours. (…) The questions were asked not only to intimidate me, but that I didn’t have enough time to find the information they wanted me to”.

In the end, Wright was required to either cancel the trip or to resign from the post of member of the Executive Committee, otherwise she was threatened with impeachment.

“Toxic environment, countless scandals, restraining anti-Israel sentiment and anti-Semitism,” the girl described the atmosphere prevailing in the student community of the famous public schools of Canada.

“There are double standards for everything to do with Israel. In this case, the controversy surrounding my participation in the trip led to a public humiliating witch-hunts, repeated interrogation about my personal life and placing me under the microscope. Some of my friends and colleagues betrayed and slandered me in a professional context. I became the object of blatant anti-Semitism” — bitterly said the student.

“I’m proud that I’m Jewish. Israel is a country which represents my ancestors and culture, and I was lucky to call it their second home. (…) I never hid who I am and never changed his principles. I’m an open book, and Judaism is an integral part of who I am. Student leaders McGill University consider themselves to be models of fairness, tolerance and pluralism. I am shocked by the fact that the University’s policy continues to be discriminatory solely against Jewish students,” said Wright, adding that he was not going to leave their posts — no matter what.

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