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Canadian night climbed a crane height of 12 floors. Video

Канадка ночью забралась на кран высотой в 12 этажей. ВидеоFor the lift to the crane she was charged on six counts.

In the canadian city of Toronto had an unusual operation, pulling lightly dressed and melancholic minded girl with a hook of a construction crane.

She refused to explain why he climbed to the height of the 12th floor, but to remain silent will not last long: now she has to answer in court.

Apparently, the girl entered the building site late at night. In a denim jacket and high heels she’s got on the hook and without any insurance sat down on a narrow steel block, caught in one of the two cables.

Most likely, the girl climbed up on the boom and slid down the metal cable with a length of about 10 meters. No action on the unit she did not take and just stared into the distance.

At about 4 a.m. local time, residents noticed a girl on a crane and called rescuers. Upon arriving at the scene, they knew immediately how to get a bad ass. For example, it was discussed whether to send in a negotiator.

When the rescuer got to the girls and offered to go down, she said, “Yes, I would not mind”. She didn’t resist, occasionally smiling Wonfor, but more often only distantly followed the directions. The captain hitched her rope, after which they descended.

Their landing around 8:30 in the morning the crowd on the street applauded. Soon the rescuer admitted that the hardest part for him was not the descent and the ascent.

A girl called fearless Wonfor and even invited her to lunch with fellow firefighters to learn more about the act.

As it turned out, the girl of 23 years old, and her name is Marisa Lazo. After rescuing her just in case was sent for examination to the hospital, but the injuries in the end is not found.

However, Lazo will not soon be able to RSVP Wonfor for lunch: the girl was arrested. For the lift to the crane she was charged on six counts, which essentially boils down to the violation of public order. About the reasons of his act she will tell the court.

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