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Canada legalized soft drugs

На территории Канады легализовали легкие наркотики The country was allowed to use marijuana.

Today in Canada the sale and use of marijuana became legal. The relevant legislative changes came into force in all provinces and territories of Canada.

Detailed conditions of the sale and purchase marijuanastay products vary from region to region, but the buyer can not be younger than 18 years of age. Residents of most provinces and territories are now allowed to grow at home drug cannabis, however, its amount is strictly regulated.

The use of marijuana for medical purposes is allowed in Canada for many years, but now to purchase this drug a doctor’s prescription is not required.

Although Smoking marijuana is now perfectly legal, edible products from plants is forbidden, a number of other marijuanastay products. A poorly developed infrastructure remains and retail sales of marijuana. So, residents of Ontario, the most populated province of Canada, today received the lawful access only to online sales of marihuana, and physical stores will be here at least until spring. A similar situation exists in other provinces.

In preparation for legalization, which has been ongoing for several years, changes have been made to many laws and regulations of Canada, in particular substantially toughen penalties for driving under the influence of drugs. Law enforcement officers also received the latest technical means to identify the content of cannabinoids in the blood of drivers.

According to preliminary calculations, the income of budgets of various levels of marijuana legalization next year will be about $ 8 billion.

Recall that the legalization of marijuana was one of the most contentious election promises of the current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. However, she allowed him to enlist the support of many young voters. The original plan called for full legalization until July 1 of this year, however, due to prodolzhitelnym parliamentary debate on the matter, the lifting of the ban had to be postponed.

According to Trudeau, the excretion of marijuana from the shadows will be deprived of revenue for criminal groups to restrict access to the drug by minors and to increase General security in the country.

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