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Can we consider “Off” a Christmas movie?

Directed by Jordan Peele sure that his picture has all the necessary components of family film that you can watch under Olivier and champagne. And, you know, in his words there is a reason!

I remember shortly before the release of the Thriller “Away” in a Russian car, we joked about the fact that it really is Romka. Here are just jokes, and a nomination for a Golden globe, the film received just in the category of “Comedy or musical”, crazy as it may sound.

And on the eve of the main Christian celebration one of the fans asked Jordan Saw on Twitter, saying, “Away” — it’s a Christmas movie, isn’t it? Then he (the fan) was going to show it to my whole family. The Director thought and said:

Let’s see… there is a man with a white beard, a couple of deer, a fireplace, lots of snowflakes, and a guy named Chris down into a dark hole! I would say this is it!

What? It’s true, something is! I especially about snowflakes liked it. If I understand correctly, it is meant the abundance of white as snow people in the frame.

Well, while we wait for January and then February to see how “Off” will show itself in the race for the top film award, Felix Kriventsov brings its own movie end of 2017, and Yes, the picture of Jordan Saw there, too, paid attention.

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