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Can “It” become a trilogy?

Only in the Russian hire “It” have to step away from billion, and in the whole world fees paintings reached $ 500 million. For the horror genre is, you know, a huge achievement. No, it’s not the highest grossing horror of all time, but the result is still stunning.

But what is the practical effect we can see, thanks to the financial success of the film?

We will not now about the far-reaching prospects. Talk about the bread — about the continuation of “It.” In fact, from the beginning of the movie, there was talk that the Studio Warner Br. divide the sequel into two parts. No insider information, no rumors — just logic. “Hobbit” they’ve pulled off. It is understandable, why so fast to kill the goose that brings good box office?

However, Andres, Moscetti, the Director of the picture seems to have decided to dispel speculation about what “It” will become a trilogy:

I don’t think so. I read about this idea in the media, and it was fun. I understand they have so decided because New Line split “the Hobbit” into three, not two. It would be reasonable because that would give me more opportunities to develop characters, and more space to expand the journey, but to be honest, this wasn’t even talking, and at the moment we are developing further the story as a single movie.

I don’t know about the second Chapter, but if the first part is deployed on two full strips, I’d be only too happy. Less hurrying, more time on each character and all that. Maybe even change your mind about novels?

Anyway, Pennywise will return on 6 September 2019.

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