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Camel showed his temper, throwing the rider. Video

Верблюд показал свой нрав, сбросив всадника. Видео The journalist fails to write the report.

This event went to cover journalist Tuku Kariuki, but the man did not even know that he would have to meet a very angry camel.

At some point, the reporter thought that his performance would look very impressive if he goes to the animal on the back. Tuka sat on a camel (just in case in the company of a local driver), but I guess “ship of the desert” is not entirely happy that it will show in the news.

When the animal had to get up, it did it too abruptly, so that the journalist and his assistant dramatically fallen out on the ground.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and he Tuk’s don’t seem too offended by the camel, because thanks to the fall report it has turned out much more spectacular than he could have hoped for.

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