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Came the horror calendar from the creators of the anthology “Fantomas”

We have already talked about the anthology called “Fantomas” , a new periodical on the horizon domestic horror community. It makes people in love with the literature of horror, mysticism, science fiction and fantasy, and doing with a soul. A feature of the almanac is a print on Kraft paper – with illustrations, poster and copyright labels. In General, the edition is in every sense a collector’s item.

But not some terrible stories live the creators of “Fantomas”. In addition to the anthology they produce and related products – such as a cute card. And now the world saw the horror calendar for the coming 2018.

The format of the calendar is A3, printed it to the already familiar Kraft paper. 6 artists, 12 illustrations for 12 months. And it’s not just dark pictures – they are all United in the fabulous motifs and the theme of Slavic mythology. On the pages of the calendar meet the Wii, Hell, Kikimora, Water, Koschey and other notorious characters. It is also possible for them to read.

It costs 600 rubles, order the calendar here. In the meantime, let’s porazglyadyvat.

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