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Came out great 5-minute trailer kinokomiksa AQUAMAN

Question of the day (and maybe years) will be saved if James WAN movie universe of DC Comics, a future that, frankly, seems pretty unclear after last year’s disappointing “the justice League”? In the network appeared the new trailer for the big comic blockbuster “Aquaman” (Aquaman) – but this video does not provide definitive answers.

A sea of CGI (some good, some bad), a few good jokes from the title character played by Jason Momoa and the story in the spirit of the hit “Black Panthers” from the competition from Marvel. Plus sharks, RUSAL and other marine life, as well as “brand” DCшный Paphos – tell us about your experience on this. Do you think it was the van still personally remove the “Spell 3”, which he refused, instead of having to sculpt all that?

Well, we still recall the synopsis and premiere date “Aquaman”:

Arthur Curry was the son of a lighthouse worker named Tom Curry and a woman named Atlanna. Arthur already in adolescence have demonstrated an incredible strength and speed, and the ability to breathe underwater and talk to fish. While dying, Atlanna revealed the boy the truth: she was the Queen of Atlantis, who was in exile, and promised that once Arthur becomes king of the seven seas. His father gave him an education and taught to control his abilities, which ultimately helped him become a hero named Aquaman.

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