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Called world city-Champions for the rise in price of housing

Названы мировые  города-рекордсмены по подорожанию жилья The leader of the rating became Madrid.

In the 41st state of the world studies have been conducted to identify cities that demonstrated the highest growth in property prices in the past year.

The first European city in the Top 10 ranking was in Madrid. According to expert data of the company for the selection of real estate, housing prices in the Spanish capital for the year increased by 11.9%. In addition, the top ten included Paris, where experts say of 11.3% growth in real estate prices, and Berlin (+7,3% over the year).

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Also, the experts assessed the trend of declining housing prices. Among world cities, where property prices decreased the most this year, leading to the decrease was Moscow, where the figure fell by 9.8%. In addition, the Top-10 at lower prices entered Saint Petersburg (-7%), Istanbul (-4,8%), London (forecast to be minus 4.6%), Geneva (-2.5%) and Vienna (-1,1%).

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