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Called vegetables, can protect from the deadly disease

Названы овощи, способные уберечь от смертельной болезниVegetables that need to protect the chest

Vegetable vegetable discord: some of them are especially useful for women because they contain substances able to resist cancer cells of the breast. To such conclusion the American scientists from the Harvard school.

So, some vegetables are an effective prevention of cancer of the breast. But what kind of vegetables? It turns out that in the first place they can be identified by color: the most useful, in terms of antianalogue, scientists call vegetables orange and yellow colors. The fact that responsible for the warm hues of the carotenoids that enhance the immune system and contained in these vegetables have the gift to accumulate in the female body.

As a result, accumulate in the body women, carotenoids are opposed to those or other diseased cells, thus preventing the formation of tumors or slowing their development.

“Eating five servings of vegetables a day reduces the risk of breast cancer by 11%,” the scientists say in the journal International Journal of Cancer.

Recall that, according to the International Agency for research on cancer, nutrition has a direct or indirect relationship to the appearance of any cancers in 30% of men and 50% women. In addition, the risk of breast cancer can be triggered by excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, as well as due to the accumulation in the body of excess cholesterol.

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