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Called useful and harmful properties of cheese

Названы полезные и вредные свойства творогаNot all cottage cheese is useful.

About the useful properties of cottage cheese products people knew in Ancient times. Roman physicians recommended its longevity and preserve the beauty.

Then the cheese could be used as a standalone product, and was also present in combinations with wine, milk or honey.

The first thing to look for when buying cheese – its freshness, writes health journal LadyHealth. After a few days storage in the product rapidly increases the number of E. coli that often causes bowel disorders of different severity.

Trogoderma mass has found its application in cosmetology. Most often it is applied to the face to give it softness and a lighter shade. If a person is sunburned, the cheese will help the skin to recover faster.

With regard to the use of curds as food, then it is possible to identify several useful features:

– improves digestion and promotes more rapid removal of harmful substances from the body;
– blends perfectly with other products and helps the human body to quickly assimilate the incoming vitamins, minerals and nutrients;
unlike most other milk products, will not have a negative impact on people who are not lactose-intolerant;
– due to the large amounts of calcium strengthens bones, cartilage and teeth;
– lowers blood pressure and reduces the possibility of heart attacks and strokes;
– normalizes the level of harmful cholesterol;

All the cheese like any other product, has and negative sides of the use. It is better to choose a product with low fat content, because otherwise there is the risk of obesity and atherosclerosis.

Often, athletes eat the cottage cheese because of the large amount of protein, but it is worth remembering that excess protein products creates an additional burden on the kidneys.

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