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Called unexpected danger rice

Названа неожиданная опасность рисаRice seeds accumulate the maximum amount of toxins.

Pulp of rice grains can contain up to 80% of arsenic as inorganic compounds.

Rice grains can accumulate to dangerous toxins, including arsenic. To such disappointing conclusions of an international group of scientists. About his discovery, the researchers told a conference of the Society for risk analysis.

The event was held in New Orleans and brought together experts from various fields.

“We conducted the first systematic assessment of how much arsenic contain a typical grain of rice, and learned how much it gets into the body during the digestion of food. Soon we will learn and how it affects the functioning of the human body”,— said the employee of Indiana University, Zheng Zhou.

According to experts, harmful substances in rice grains with tap water and can lead to serious pathologies and to the development of disorders of the body.

As it turned out the rice grains accumulate the maximum amount of toxins, most of which is contained in the pulp in the form of inorganic compounds. Up to 80% of arsenic gets in the grain from the water, the same amount enters the human body during the digestion of food.

Now biologists are trying to figure out how to interact with substances of different varieties of rice. They draw attention of their colleagues from Asian countries where rice is the basic diet of the local residents, the existence of the problem.

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