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Called true symptoms and best treatments a sore throat

Названы верные симптомы и лучшие способы лечения ангиныDoctors told how to distinguish the symptoms of sore throat from other viral diseases and how to alleviate their condition.

One of the most common infectious diseases in the autumn-winter period is called angina. It is caused by streptococcal infection, transmitted by airborne droplets. Angina may also develop in the complications of influenza or whooping cough.

The main symptoms of angina, which can immediately determine the disease:

1. Red mucous membranes of the throat.

2. Sore throat, flowing for several hours in pain when swallowing.

3. The increase in body temperature.

Of course, as with all infectious diseases, angina accompanied by weakness, body aches, headaches and so on.

There are three types of angina: catarrhal, lacunar, follicular. All types of angina has different symptoms and at the same time similar.

Signs of follicular tonsillitis:

– high temperature;

– the appearance of small ulcers on the tonsils;

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– suffocating cough.

The symptoms of catarrhal sore throat:

– low temperature or its absence;

– redness of the mucous throat;

– sore and sore throat;

is a dry cough.

Lacunar tonsillitis is characterized by the following features:

– sharp increase in body temperature to 39-41 degrees Celsius;

– purulent plaque on the mucous membranes of the throat;

– suffocating cough;

– pains in the bones and General weakness.

How to treat a sore throat:

1. First and foremost, you should seek medical help. Or call the doctor at home, or wear a respiratory mask and to go on reception to the therapist in the clinic, but the first option is more safe.

2. Be sure to take all medications prescribed by your doctor. Since angina is an infectious disease, to deal with the infection can only antibiotics, so it makes no sense to entrust your health in this case, the traditional medicine.

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3. To alleviate their condition the patient can, if it is to rinse the throat with a special mouthwash or warm water with baking soda.

4. You need to lie in bed and get up only when necessary.

5. On the neck you can wrap a scarf or a warm scarf, with a warming effect.

6. Drink plenty of warm water. Doctors recommend drinking during pregnancy black tea with lemon and ginger, raspberry tea, rosehip tea and so on. But the main thing — it’s just water, it effectively removes from the body toxic substances.

7. All the food should be mashed to a puree. So the patient will not irritate the already sore throat, and he himself will be easier to swallow food.

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