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Called the unexpected way of removing stones from the gallbladder

Назван неожиданный способ выведения камней из желчного пузыряDoctors have found that can help to prevent the development of gallstones and bring the stones from the gallbladder, if they are already there.

The main reasons for the formation of stones in the gallbladder the doctors say elevated levels of bad cholesterol and a sedentary lifestyle. It turns out that the quality of nutrition and physical activity depends on what gets people in risk of gallstone disease or not.

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Scientists have identified an unexpected method, which helps soften stones in the gallbladder and eliminate them from the body and prevents the development of gallstones.

This method is to increase physical activity. The thing is that as soon as the person starts to move more than before in the blood decreases the level of bad cholesterol and increases the level of good that favorably affects the secretion of bile and the gall bladder.

British scientists have conducted a number of studies, which found that sports and regular exercise have a positive impact on the health of the person and the work of all organs and body systems. But the most amazing feature provided by physical exercise, it eliminates stones from the gallbladder.

The study involved people with different levels of physical fitness. As it turned out, even a slight increase of load on the body helps to prevent the occurrence of gall stones and bringing them in if they are already there.

According to scientists, people who during the day don’t move at all, you need to do any kind of sports, one hour a day. And for those who all the time on my feet and by occupation are forced to walk/run/build and so on, you need to devote to physical exercise just 20 minutes a day apart from work.

Physical activity and proper nutrition will be useful not only for gallbladder, but overall health and all internal organs.

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