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Called the seven basic rules of healthy snack

Названы семь основных правил полезного перекусаSnacks no longer considered harmful for the figure.

Eat every 3-4 hours

Snacking in between main meals is part of healthy eating. System “often and little” teaches the body to live in the fed condition (no spikes in blood sugar, no hunger), and, therefore, there is no need to store fat. It is important not to chew constantly.

“I advise my clients to use a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is acute hunger, and 10 — satiety gluttons,” recommends nutritionist Jessica crandall, a representative of the Academy of nutrition and dietetics.

“You need to eat is when you are between 3 and 4. Someone gets to this level in 3 hours after the main meal, someone is faster”.

Do not be distracted
In 2009, scientists from the University of Birmingham have proven that any classes in food contribute to overeating and weight gain.
When we are distracted from the taste, texture and aroma of food, we do not get satisfaction and do not feel saturated.

Feel the hunger

“Hunger and appetite — concepts that are often confused. Not to allow yourself too much, we will understand the terminology. Hunger is a physiological need for food. It, unlike psychological hunger, you can satisfy any food — even a piece of bread.
Appetite is the desire to eat when from the point of view of physiology the person is full. Let’s say you saw something very nice in a shop window and immediately decided that I have to eat.” – Lydia Ionova (dietitian)

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Therefore, when the first thoughts of “not to eat something” listen to your feelings.
“Physiological hunger occurs gradually while the appetite comes on suddenly. Physiological hunger is patient, he can wait until the moment when you will have the opportunity to eat, but his mental “brother” demands immediate satisfaction”, adds the dietician.

Chew an Apple on the way from office to office is not a snack, but a mockery of the body, say the nutritionists. Some people manage to swallow the contents of the dish in 5 minutes — be it a snack or a main meal of three courses. And it’s not the lack of time.

“To my great surprise, some of my clients seriously say that you think you can’t afford to take that time from work or family. Alas, it shows a contemptuous attitude to yourself, to your body and its needs” – Lydia Ionova (dietitian)

Victims are unlikely to benefit family and career. Natural health problems will result in lower productivity and poor eating habits that your children will carry into adulthood.

Overcome difficulties in advance
Psychology Professor traci Mann, the author of the book “Secrets of the laboratory of nutrition”, recommends to take care of the snacks in advance because lazy by nature man does not want to spend the time to cut up salads or peel vegetables easier to eat a Snickers or Burger.

“Prepare, for example, green beans or broccoli, peel and chop carrots and get them the sauce is yogurt-based. Take care to in the office Desk drawer had no stock of sweets and chocolate,” advises the Professor.

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Read the composition

Sometimes the “easy” half of the cottage cheese more sugar and calories than a full meal. A good example of the lack of attention, coffee during the working day is absorbed in unlimited amounts.

Indeed, crisp drink for the figure is no threat, except if the ground beans there’s nothing there (a Cup of black coffee — 2 calories).

“One tablespoon of cream from 20 to 50 calories and 2-5 grams of fat. In 100 ml cappuccino contains 95 calories, the same amount of latte — 142. Consequently, large portions (which are usually absorbed similar drinks) can be about 300 calories, and then all 500!” – Lydia Ionova (dietitian)

“Additional ingredients can increase the calorie content of the drink hundreds of times” — draws the attention of Lydia Ionova.

Do it every day

Nutritionists recommend to make snacks an integral part of your diet. And on weekdays and holidays.
The body will get used that it is no longer plagued by hunger, it will no longer store fat, and sudden binge eating is gone.
Of course, compliance with the rules failure to comply with caloric intake — waste of energy. So you should pay attention to the foods that are ideal for snacking perfect, and to exclude those that are not suitable for him.

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