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Called the safe serving of alcohol

Названа безопасная порция алкоголя

These conclusions are valid both for young and for older people.

Safe dose of alcohol is zero milliliters and not more. Such a categorical conclusion reached by scientists in the course of the study, says the with reference to

Experts analyzed data from more than 400 thousand people and noticed that even one or two servings of alcohol (e.g. red wine) four times a week increase the risk of premature death by 20%.

“It used to be that one or two standard servings much harm there… But now we know that even a little drinking can increase the risk of death,” said the study’s author, associate Professor, Department of psychiatry, Washington University Sarah Harz.

However over age group is at heightened risk.

If, despite the advice of doctors and scientists, you decide to drink alcohol, you should stick to a few rules which at least partially reduces the harm to the body.

If we drink the expensive, high-quality alcohol.

It is not necessary to use spirits with hot food — this combination injures the esophagus and increases the risk of developing cancer.

Eat better seafood, but also vegetables and fruits.

From the heavy, fatty dishes during the libations should be abandoned, as they will overload the pancreas and can cause acute pancreatitis.

since they will overload the pancreas and can cause acute pancreatitis.

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