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Called the reason women live longer

Названа причина, по которой женщины живут дольшеWomen live 5% longer than men.

Women on average live longer than men, and scientists finally figured out why. “Savior” from the aging is the hormone estrogen, says a study at the University of California in San Francisco.

The most accurate gauge of biological age of the body – the length of telomeres (end parts of chromosomes), reports the Daily Mail.
Women’s telomeres are usually longer than men’s and remain so longer. New data show – that the estrogen stimulates the activity of an enzyme (a complex protein molecule), which contributes to lengthening of telomeres and, consequently, increase life expectancy.

According to statistics, women live 5% longer than men, although the gap may vary markedly depending on the country. Experts explained it to that representatives of the stronger sex are more susceptible to bad habits. By 2032, according to the measure of refusal from Smoking and alcohol, the difference in life expectancy should be smoothed.

But scientists say – it is not only in the external factors. An important role is played by genetics.

In human DNA contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. Telomeres, located at their ends, performs a protective function. They save valuable genetic material from damage, especially when cell replication.

With time or due to injuries to telomeres are shortened, and this affects the state of the whole organism – cells start to grow old and die. The cause can also become a stress, health problems, unhealthy lifestyle.

California scientists have found that telomere length linked to female sexual hormone estrogen. They found – it increases the activity of the telomerase enzyme, which protects and lengthens telomeres.

The study authors said the new data confirm the need to monitor the level of hormones, especially after menopause when the body stops producing enough of them.

Previously, scientists had found the “elixir of youth” – a substance called fisetin, which is found in apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, kiwi, grapes and persimmon.

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