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Called the real owners of the 13 markets of Kiev

Названы настоящие собственники 13 рынков КиеваThis became known thanks to the investigation of the newspaper “Vesti”.

In Kiev, there are a few dozen markets. It seems that there is every entrepreneur itself. But for all the market chaos is the real owner.

Exactly who owns 13 of the Kiev markets, it became known from the message of the newspaper “Vesti”.

Center. The market in Chapayevka

The owner of a listed firm “Korn” LTD, the ultimate beneficiary of which is an ex-people’s Deputy Tariel Vasadze.

The Market Is “Left Bank”

The owner of firm “Dnipro market”, beneficiary of which is the co-owner of the market on Perova, entrepreneur Valentin Neshta.

Market “Troyeshchina”

The main founder – firm “Comfort Plus”, the ultimate beneficiary of which is Igor Tseshkovsky, half-brother of the killed criminal authority Valery Pimples, the influential leader of one of capital criminal groupings “zero”.
Markets in the metro area, Minsk (“Minsk”, “Lily”, “Suite”)

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Owners of listed firms, one of the ultimate beneficiaries of which is the Deputy of Kyiv city Council Vladimir Starovoit (“Fatherland”), member of the Commission on urban planning, architecture and land use.

Market “Gardener”

The owner of firm “Duke”, owned by Nadezhda A. Peresetsky, wife of crime boss Vyacheslav Peresetsky, known by the nickname “Fascist” repeatedly convicted for robbery and racketeering.

Market “Borshchahivskiy”

The owners – the former mayor of the city Skvyra Kiev region, a member of the party “Batkivshchyna”, ex-MP from the BYUT; President APK “Skvyra” Ivan Suslov (ally Yulia Tymoshenko); businessman Vasily deck.

Market Lukianivka

More recently, the Deputy Director were involved in the murder of the journalist of the newspaper “Vesti” Vyacheslav Veremiya Yuriy Krysin, known in criminal circles under a nickname the Wardrobe.

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The Market “Solomensky”

The owner of firm “the guarantor”, the co-founder of which is a Valentine Dumcheva, the mother of mayoral candidate in 2015, Sergei Dumcheva.

The Radio Market “Karavayevi Dachi”

The owner of firm “Stargazer 1”, the beneficiary of which is Vladimir Lyaschenko, a business partner of the murdered founder of the market Hennadiy Suprunenko.

The Market “Petrovka”

Owner – well-known Kyiv businessman Igor Vildman, former Deputy Minister of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine

Wallpaper market in the District

Owner – LLC “STS”, the ultimate beneficiary of which is the former head of the city Council of businessmen concerning trade and the consumer market, a former member of the regional Council of entrepreneurs of Kiev
at the KSCA Vitaly Kostenko.

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