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Called the perfect product for weight loss

Назван идеальный продукт для похуденияAdd to your diet more soups.

The study showed huge benefits of soups to human health. They change the brain so that people begin to strive for a healthy diet.

We all know that to promote health it is necessary to refuse from food rich in saturated fats like butter, cheese and meat, but few can. There is like a castle in the brain, not allowing us to review his own diet. And now researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have figured out how this lock can be opened. It turns out it is necessary to regularly consume soups. These meals cause changes in the brain, contributing to the formation of habits to a healthy diet.

The study found that particularly beneficial use of soups for people already suffering from obesity. Soups allow them to form an addiction to the taste of umami is a Japanese word that Express specific taste specific to the 5 basic tastes: sweet, salty, bitter and sour. A key component of umami is glutamate – naturally occurring amino acid that can be found in almost all foods. Especially a lot of glutamate in protein-rich foods like dairy products, fish and meat.

“In many cultures, it’s customary to drink the broth before eating, say the study authors. We came to the conclusion that people who are facing obesity, as the first meal should be eaten are rich in the umami flavor soups. Subsequently, they help them form the right attitude to food and do not lean on actively harmful to their health and waist products.”

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