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Called the optimal frequency of fasting days.

Названа оптимальная частота разгрузочных дней. The dietician commented on the unloading of the body.

Fasting days are shown almost everything, despite the weight and state of health, because during the “unloading” of the body not only burns excess fat, but also actively gets rid of toxins and harmful substances. This was told by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

“Fasting day implies a reduced calorie menu and limitations a number of products, but not the hunger strike. Ideally, a fasting day – is to reduce calorie daily diet to 1200 calories, with the use of one group of products or just one product, preferably plant. In this day should not actively engage in sports, but Hiking and light fiznagruzki very welcome, since thanks to them, the body will begin to waste subcutaneous fat” – said the expert.

In the fasting days, it is necessary to abandon fatty foods, the basis of the diet should be proteins and carbohydrates, and you need to choose those products that are “like”. It makes no sense to conduct fasting day on kefir, if you do not like dairy products, it is better to replace them with vegetables or apples, and Vice versa.

“Spending the day on the kas, or if you can’t imagine life without meat, low-fat products, chicken, Turkey, rabbit, or fish low-fat varieties of hake, Pollack, perch. Suitable as low-fat dairy products – cheese, kefir or yogurt, fermented baked milk. This diet can be supplemented with low-calorie vegetables and herbs. Perfect cabbage, beets, turnips, carrots, broccoli and apples, pears, oranges,” says the doctor.

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