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Called the new doomsday date

Названа новая дата конца светаScientists believe that September 23, 2017 planet X will destroy Earth.

Foreign media write that the experts appointed new date of the end of the world: that in the current year on our planet will come to an Apocalypse because of the rapidly approaching Planet X, which is hidden on the edge of the Solar system.

According to the newspaper, celestial body 23 September destroyed most of the population except the elites.

Channel conspiracy theory AMTV on YouTube says that the world famous personality has repeatedly hinted us about the upcoming threat. According to host Christopher Greene, the founder of SpaceX Elon Musk is digging underground and trying to escape into space.

“Stephen Hawking warns of end of the world, he said that if we are not able to leave the planet in the next 100 years, we will all die. Bill gates warns that the citizens of the world can be destroyed if they will not take the vaccine,” said the presenter.

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