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Called the jury renewed “Dancing with the stars”

Назван состав жюри обновленных «Танцев со звездами»Became known, who joined the jury of “Dancing with the stars.”

The full judicial structure of the project revealed through a fresh promotional video, “Dancing with the stars.”

So, to evaluate the dancing of the participants will be a crowd favorite and coach of “the Voice. Diti-4” Monatik, the world famous ballerina Kateryna Kuhar and professional choreographer Vlad Yama.

A popular singer and a street dancer Monatik jury of three will play the role of expert in the dance style “street style”, prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine Kateryna Kuhar – international teachers of dance, famous dancer Vlad Yama is a professional choreographer and expert in ballroom dancing.

Secret #танціззіркамиchallenge, which for several months kept in suspense the whole of Ukraine, revealed in the new season of the legendary project professional choreographer Vlad Yama will join the judges “Tanzu s with a stars” and Natalia Mogilevskaya again, try your hand at the main stage of the country as participants. Who among the dancers of the project will be a couple of Natalia Mogilev, which star will dance with Alyona, Shoptenko and who of artists of Ukrainian show-business will become the tenth participant of the project, we’ll find out soon.

The new season of the legendary project “Tantsi z with a stars” promises to impress with modern dance and unique performances, bright costumes, and awesome new features.

Certificate of the judges of the show “Dances with stars z”:

Monatik – Ukrainian singer, dancer, songwriter, composer and coach of “the Voice. Diti-4”. Danced in the ballet of Natalia Mogilev, and was also a member of the Lutsk breakdancing team, “DBS Crew”, which became the best “B-boy” team in the West of Ukraine. In 2017 Monatik opened the second semi-final of song contest “Eurovision-2017”. Songs of this artist occupy leading positions in the Ukrainian charts, and the latest clip for the single “Vitamin D” per day has collected a million views on YouTube.

Catherine Kuchar, the world – famous ballet dancer, international dance teacher, honored artist of Ukraine and prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine, in 2016, was awarded the Order of Princess Olga III degree. Catherine has toured in Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, Korea, China, etc. well-Known artist, jury member of many international ballet competitions and festivals, and at the National Opera house of Ukraine takes the lead almost the entire repertoire.

Vlad Yama is a famous Ukrainian dancer, judge on many television projects for Ukrainian television, as well as the finalist of the first season of the TV project “Dancing with the stars”, together with Natalia Mogilev. The winner of the open championship of London (Metropolitan Open Championship) dance sport among fans and the owner of the Cup of Ukraine in ballroom dancing.

Назван состав жюри обновленных «Танцев со звездами»
Назван состав жюри обновленных «Танцев со звездами»
Назван состав жюри обновленных «Танцев со звездами»

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