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Called the fruit, which helps to normalize blood pressure

Назван фрукт, который поможет нормализовать артериальное давлениеAlso this fruit normalizes metabolism.

Orange has long been known not only thanks to its excellent taste but also its healing properties.

Useful properties of orange:

1. boosts immunity

2. improves appetite

3. reduces fatigue

4. reduces puffiness

5. promotes rapid recovery of wounds

6. normalizes metabolism, helping in the fight against obesity and improves the digestive system (increase motor function of the colon and reduce it putrefactive processes)

7. helps in the fight against hypertension and atherosclerosis (lowers permeability of vascular walls)

8. effective in the treatment of gout, chronic diseases of gall bladder and for the prophylaxis and treatment of hypovitaminosis

Orange juice in pure form is used for complex treatment of malignant tumors, gastritis and colitis, anemia, hypertension, atherosclerosis, scurvy, obesity, infections and colds. It is also effective in disorders of the liver and biliary tract, edema, constipation, flatulence, kidney stones, increased bleeding gums and other types of bleeding, to treat skin diseases.

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