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Called the fruit, preventing to lose weight

Названы фрукты, мешающие похудетьThey are quite high in calories.

We had always been told that fresh vegetables and fruits are good for health and do not harm the figure. However, the modern view of nutrition is very different, and we often hear about the fact that not every fruit can be eaten to those who are looking for the ideal physical form.

If you love snacking on fruit, or even replace them a full meal, thinking that it will help you to get rid of extra pounds, we suggest that you carefully read the information that we have for you today was prepared. Experts told which fruits can be eaten and which should be limited in order not to gain weight.


Banana is not only one of the most nutritious fruits, but also a true friend of subcutaneous fat. The fact that it literally blocks the operation of those cells that are involved in the process of breakdown of fats, preventing us to lose weight. In addition, the banana long enough to digest and can cause bloating.

What to replace? Instead of banana we suggest to always have on hand a juicy grapefruit. Do not think that it will help you instantly lose weight but its regular use in the long-term positive impact on the figure.


Apricot is a very sweet fruit, which affects the release of insulin into the blood. We will not go into details of all chemical processes occurring in the body due to excessive consumption of sugar, but note that the more frequent surges of insulin, the more likely to gain extra pounds.

What to replace?

It is best to replace the apricots with the berries, especially strawberries. It has almost no sugar but lots of fiber and water. Strawberry helps to cope with edema and reduce cellulite, especially early on, when he had not yet so much noticeable.


Despite the fact that we add avocados in salads and sauces, this is not the diet product. It is nutritious and contains large amounts of fatty acids. Yes, in moderation, unsaturated fats are good, but not worth eating more than half an avocado per day.

What to replace? If you want to vary the usual vegetable or salad to make a great sauce for meat and appetizers, look for recipes with berries. They have a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants, which is especially needed for our body in summer. And due to the low content of sugar and calories, berries can be added into virtually any summer dish without compromising the waist.


Pears, like many other fruits, contain a lot of sugar, but the main danger for the figure is not that. They are very difficult to digest and have a negative effect on the entire digestive system, and soft pears have a laxative effect and rigid — on the contrary. In any case, the proper breakdown and absorption of food — is the key to health and good physical shape, so do not is what leads to imbalance in the intestine.

What to replace?

On hot summer days it is best to eat more watermelons and cantaloupes. Due to the high content of water and fiber, they satisfy hunger quickly and have a slight diuretic effect, helping to flush toxins from the body, especially in the period of active shedding weight.


The ratio of nutritionists to the grapes very skeptical. It is not only that he is very sweet and high in calories, but in the fact that the grapes have a negative effect on the digestive system. It is contraindicated in diabetes and obesity, gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. We suggest to not abuse the grapes and replace it with more useful fruit.

What to replace? Cool and cheap alternative to grapes — apples. It is better to buy green varieties, but if you have some problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then give preference to sweeter yellow or red apples.

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