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Called the fruit, improves eyesight better than carrots

Назван фрукт, улучшающий зрение лучше морковиTen reasons eat an Apple every day.

Doctors advise to eat every day an Apple, but why? Let’s try to explain.

Apples have a huge number of useful properties.

Apples improve digestion. Because apples are rich in fiber, they help to restore intestinal flora.
Apples help with anemia, as this fruit is rich in iron.
Apples add energy to the weakened people. So they are often recommended to use recovering to help them to recover faster after an illness.
Apples clean teeth. When you eat apples, the fiber contained in them, cleans the teeth, while antiviral properties of apples help to get rid of bacteria and viruses, prevent the appearance of caries.
Apples reduce cholesterol and, therefore, they are useful for the heart and blood vessels.
Apples are useful in rheumatism, since they help the healing process.
Apples improve vision. In addition, green apples help in treating night blindness.
Apples – the perfect tonic for the skin. Masks of apples with honey and apples with sour cream nourish and tone the skin.
The apples used in the diet in gout and dysentery.

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Apples prevent cancer. Studies have shown that apples contain flavonoids and polyphenols that can resist cancer

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