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Called the first target killer in Kerch

Названа первая цель убийцы в КерчиOriginally Roslyakov went to the office of the Director of the College, but did not find her and went looking in other areas, witnesses said.

The fourth-year student in the Kerch Polytechnic College Vladislav Roslyakov in the first place was going to kill the institution Director Olga Grebennikov.

The mother of the deceased Alexander Lazarev has told that saw Grebennikov in the morgue during the identification of the body of 19-year-old Kerch arrow. According to her, the head of the College said then that, too, could be among the dead.

Lazarev believes that it is the Director that day had to die first. “The kids never liked her. We parents thought it was just children’s dislike of the head. The reasons did not understand,” said she.

Eyewitnesses told the TV station that initially Roslyakov went to the office Grebennikova, but couldn’t find her and went looking in other rooms. He began to shoot at others, when he realized that the women in the building no. His victims he finished shot in the face. Later it turned out that the head of the College left the building a few minutes before the tragedy.

According to TV channel, now investigators are trying to find out did the user about the intentions of the student. Against Grebennikova can initiate a criminal case under article Negligence.

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