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Called the fastest way to lose weight without harm to health

Назван самый быстрый способ похудеть к лету без вреда для здоровьяThe best option diet for quick weight loss

To lose weight and lose kilos over the winter, Easter and may holidays, do not need to starve.

You need to force your body to adjust the metabolism so that excess weight left myself. And this is possible through a special diet – metabolic. This type of food helps to visibly lose weight without harm to health, which is important.

To lose weight in a way that is noticeable: the metabolic diet

Throw out the strict diet is a very quick weight-loss does not promise anything good. First, it is stressful for the body, which entails a lot of violations. Second, the weight comes back quickly because of metabolic failure. Therefore, it is important to choose food that will provoke a caloric deficit, but will not let you starve. It is metabolic diet – balanced meals. Duration – 13 days.

What are the benefits?

Hunger – no, which allows you to keep the metabolic processes in shape. So the end result, and a weight are non-refundable;

Balance of nutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates;

Effective weight loss – caloric intake balances at the minimum rates for the female body, no more than 2 thousand calories a day. The only way to lose weight in two weeks and noticeable.

Sample menu:

Breakfast – a choice of: any porridge or a serving of cottage cheese with bran or berries.

Second Breakfast – 4 hours later: a choice of tea and a cheese, yoghurt or portion of fruit.

Lunch – a choice of: side salad with vegetable oil plus meat or fish, steamed. Bread is banned.

Snack – if needed: yogurt or a handful of any nuts. But the best – the walnut.

Dinner – choice of: buckwheat and vegetables, vegetable stews, baked liver, a few eggs in any form – boiled, fried, omelette.

Duration of the diet, you can lose up to 7 pounds to 13 days.

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