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Called the EU country with the fewest traffic jams

Названа страна ЕС с наименьшим количеством пробокThe country in which transport is the safest.

Citizens of Finland spend less time in traffic congestion than the residents of any other European country.

According to data cited by the European Commission, the average Finn is in the congestion just 17.9 hours per year. Estonians spend sitting in traffic jams 18.7 hours per year, Lithuanians, 20.7 hours. For comparison, UK residents lose in traffic jams 45.1 hours annually, the Belgians – 38.8 per hour, Italians – 37.9 hours.

Speaking of Belgians. The Brussels trams are recognized as the safest public transport in the EU.

The operator of public transport in Brussels MIVB completely separated traffic flows of public and private transport. Because of this, drivers are slower to pass “circles”, but due to the fact that there are fewer accidents, traffic jams, and also became less. In addition, MIVB annually conducts open lessons in schools about how to behave on the road and can be dangerous tram.

And according to the rating of British analytical company INRIX, which specializiruetsya on studies of transport, Muscovites stand in traffic jams 91 hours per year. This is the second result in the world – more time spend in traffic only to residents of Los Angeles (102 hours per year). London and the whole UK, the leader in traffic among European cities – residents of the British capital they spend on 74 hours per year, and is 7th in the world.

By the way, according to a recent survey of EU citizens, most roads in the country satisfied the Dutch. In the tubes they cost quite a lot – 31.5 hours per year.

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