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Called the essential properties of lemon peel

Названы незаменимые свойства цедры лимонаUse lemon peel for the human body is often underestimated.

Goes in the waste is almost the most valuable part of this unique from the point of view of vitamins of the product. use lemon peel. Find out what benefits your body can bring properly used lemon peel.

Lemon peel is useful for digestive

Unbalanced diet, excess protein from red meat is called by scientists as major causes of cancer of the colon. This disease is gaining ominous momentum in many countries, especially in those where it is eaten a lot of processed red meat – variety of sausages. Particularly harmful smoked meat products, and their share in the diet of modern man is quite large. In this regard, the lemon peel is of particular value. The use of lemon peel is that it is very flavonoids, diosmin and hesperidin – substances that actively inhibit the emergence and development of cancer in the colon.

Lemon peel – source of limonene

Lemon is a colorless substance capable of resisting the development of skin cancer in humans. Lemon is one of the most valuable substances in the composition of lemon oil. In addition, lemon peel and resists aging. Grate it on a fine grater and apply on the skin for 10 minutes – the skin will be brighter, and with regular use will become more elastic.

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Use lemon peel in dietetics

Nutritionists claim that lemon peel is able to effectively inhibit the formation of new fat cells in the human body. Had the lemon zest? Eat it carefully chewing. This, incidentally, is very useful for the oral cavity. And also for vessels – contained in the lemon peel ingredients cleanse them from cholesterol.

Lemon peel keeps under control diabetes

The lemon zest is a lot of polyphenols – substances that inhibit the formation of fat on the abdomen. So-called abdominal fat is threatening the General health of the person – enveloping internal organs, it deprives them of the ability to function properly and efficiently. But that’s not all: abdominal fat contributes to the development of diabetes. Lemon peel is an excellent preventive remedy for this problem.

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Heart benefit

Zest of a lemon, according to scientists, are able to challenge the main problem in the health of people around the globe – cardiovascular diseases. These diseases occur due to blockage of blood vessels, worsening their elasticity. Rich in vitamin C lemon peel effectively resists free radicals, prevents damage to the walls of the arteries and blood vessels. use of lemon for the heart

How to collect lemon zest

The best way to save useful properties of a lemon peel is to remove the fruit knife with the least amount of the white interlayer and dried. Chopped dried lemon peel powder, you can add it to the spices you use when cooking fish or meat. Or for baking. Vitamin C, however, destroyed, but many other useful substances will be preserved.

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