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Called the easiest way to cope with tachycardia

Назван самый простой способ справиться с тахикардиейMusic helps to normalize pulse.

Researchers from temple University conducted an experiment in which was attended by 15 thousand volunteers needing treatment for heart disorders.

This work showed that the condition of the myocardium is likely to improve.

“Music positively affects not only emotional state but also on the heart,” said the authors of the project. In their opinion, listen to some nice hearing tunes can prevent the development of coronary heart disease.

In an ongoing experiment with music therapy the researchers were able to verify: that music which is pleasant to the patient, first and foremost, it has a calming effect. The volunteers, in particular, showed improvement of the cardiac rhythm and slowing of the pulse, and the pressure sought to the norm.

Nice for a person melody is able to reduce anxiety and tension, thereby showing a preventive effect against coronary heart disease, experts noted.

Previous research conducted in the United States, ended with the verdict of scientists that music can rejuvenate the brain.

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