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Called the dried fruits that are dangerous to health

Названы сухофрукты, опасные для здоровьяMost people perceive fruits as the correct snack which can help you even lose weight.

Their logic is that if the fresh fruits are useful, the same applies to dried. In the end, dried fruits are often used as a dietary product.

However, due to the coating sugar syrup most dried fruits correctly considered a candy, but because of the characteristics of industrial production is the source of vitamins they are only pesticides and preservatives. Only a very few dried fruits can be helpful.

As do figs and raisins?

Almost all the raisins and dried apricots sold in conventional supermarkets, treated with sulphur dioxide (E220) to extend shelf life and give them a nice Golden yellow color(1). Remember that natural raisins and dried apricots always have a brown color, not Golden.

Figs (dried figs), in turn, often cheap processed vegetable oils, protects against damage and dryness, as well as giving a characteristic luster. Special mention requires how do dried fruits — or rather, how to get rid of the vitamins in them.

How many vitamins in dried fruits?

Traditional “manual” method of manufacture of dried fruit is dried in the sun, but on an industrial scale always more productive (and fast) methods. Often the removal of water from fruit dehydrator is carried out in special drying chambers.

In dehydrator drying is implemented either by currents of warm air (temperature from 30 to 70°C and above) or an infrared radiation — this treatment leads to considerable loss of vitamin C. as a result, the dry fruits remain vitamins, and in quantities ten times lower than in cereals.

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How to make dried fruit?

Many fruits (especially pineapple, mango, kiwi, papaya, ginger, strawberry and other berries) when dried lose their shape — as a result they are not dried, and caramelized in sugar syrup. It should be noted that the proportion of sugar in the final product can reach a significant 70-80%.

Bananas before drying are fried in vegetable oil (most often in cheap sunflower or canola) and then processed with phenols to preserve color. In addition, all dried fruit is treated with detergents, pairs of pesticides and preservatives.

Chemical additives in dried fruits

National food standards of most countries (including the Russian GOST) require chemical treatment of dried fruit as it helps to kill bacteria and increase shelf life. For example, dried apricots and figs are required to be processed with a sulfuric acid solution, and grapes to vymachivanija in alkali.

In theory, concentrations of these substances are strictly specified, and the recommended dosage is definitely safe for humans. However, buying cheap dried fruit “the weight”, you don’t even know what country they were manufactured, and observe whether food standards are by an unknown manufacturer.

Raw materials for dried fruits

Technology of dried fruit is primarily used to minimize loss industry. The fruit loses its presentation in due to the partial podgnivaniju or mechanical damage, cut to pieces, processed with chemicals and dried (or caramelized in sugar syrup).

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While the cheaper dried fruit, the more questions occur to them is naive to believe that the manufacturer began to operate at a loss. Most likely, something happened with a batch of “raw” fruit, she was urgently processed into dried fruits, and then tried to sell as quickly as possible.

Final recommendations

First, buy only those fruits, which are obtained by drying, not by caramelization. First of all, the raisins, figs, apricots, prunes, apples and pears. Discard dried pineapple, kiwi and other exotic fruits. Dried bananas are acceptable, but depending on the oils used.

Second of all, study the packaging and choose only those fruits, which are clearly marked as “bio” — this ensures that the production technology has reduced the use of chemicals to a minimum. Third, don’t buy an uncertain mixture of dried fruit — if necessary, mix them themselves.

The overwhelming majority of dried fruit is candied or to the state of the chocolates, fruits, or rich chemistry remains non-conforming production. High-quality dried fruits are expensive and always labelled “bio” for the chance to buy such product in the ordinary market or in the supermarket impossible.

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