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Called the deadline to prevent a global catastrophe

Назван крайний срок предотвращения глобальной катастрофыClimate change could lead to unpredictable consequences.

It is noted that in the last two years carbon dioxide emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels has decreased by 41 billion tons per year. According to experts, this was achieved because large countries, including the US and China, are making efforts to replace the basic energy carrier — coal — natural gas and using renewable sources of energy.

However, even taking this into account, the global temperature may exceed the limit in a few decades. To avoid this, in 2020 it is necessary to observe a number of benchmarks. For example, the share of electricity generated by wind turbines and solar cells should be 30 percent. Thus humanity needs to abandon the construction of a new CHP, and the market share of electric vehicles to increase to 15 percent.

The changes should apply and the aviation industry. According to experts, you need to reduce the amount of emitted carbon dioxide for each kilometer of flight is 20 percent. The release of greenhouse gases due to deforestation and livestock must be reduced to zero.

In June 2017 the US President, Donald trump declared the country’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement — deals with the participation of 195 countries, which agreed to take all necessary measures to prevent negative effects of global warming.

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