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Called the dangerous effects of constant lack of sleep

Названы опасные последствия постоянного недосыпания Sleep you need at least on weekends.

Scientists from medical school in Pennsylvania has researched cognitive processes in patients with sleep disorders. Experts have found that chronic sleep deprivation in the genes changing.

Participants in the study were 32 people who had no health problems. Their age was in the range 26-53 years. The first 2 nights sleep of the volunteers lasted for 8 hours, then they had a 39-hour period of wakefulness. The following 2 nights, the subjects slept 10 hours. For the specified time 6 times the scientists took their blood samples for analysis of miRNAs, as well as offered studied to pass the tests at detection of the level of attention and memory.

“The information gathered and the results of the experiment for the first time witnessed the ability of miRNAs to respond to a complete lack of sleep. We also found a negative relationship between lack of sleep and psychological stress. According to the study, each individual changes in cognitive processes were stable,” – said the co-author of scientific work Namni Goel.

There are many pathologies associated with sleep disturbance. In addition to the most famous of them – insomnia, – there are: teeth grinding, breath, daytime sleepiness, nightmares, sleepwalking, phobia of sleep, the involuntary jerking of the limbs, rapid eye movements and more.

Researchers from Pennsylvania believe that due to received new data about the changes occurring due to lack of sleep, genes, medicine will soon be able to identify people who need adjustments to their mental condition in order to avoid later they have the appearance of pathologies associated with a lack of sleep.

Recall that the Swedish researchers analyzed data on life expectancy of 48 thousand people and noticed that the risk of early death was higher in those who constantly sleep all seven days a week, but was not higher than usual for those who have at least two days a week I let myself sleep as much as you want.

If all week, you sat up late at work, after midnight had finished watching the series and fell short sleeping hours for another reason, you are likely to harm their health.

But do not worry and try to sleep off the weekend. Study of Swedish scientists published in the journal of Sleep Research, showed that people who sleep less than five hours during the work week, but sleep in the weekend, live as much as those who sleep every day. But people that don’t spill, neither on weekdays nor in the weekend, often before dying.

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