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Called the characteristic signs of alcoholic cirrhosis

Названы характерные признаки алкогольного циррозаThe doctors explained what develops and how it manifests itself alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.

Prolonged abuse of alcohol is injurious to health, in particular, suffer from liver, because this organ is unable to function normally in conditions of exposure to alcohol toxins. Exactly what is the illness called alcoholic cirrhosis.

Than alcohol to this type of cirrhosis of the liver cause:

– hereditary predisposition;

– improper or insufficient food;

– complications caused by systematic consumption of alcoholic beverages in other diseases of the liver.

First symptoms of alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, which is extremely dangerous to ignore:

– weakness in the body, chronic fatigue, fatigue and drowsiness, or asthenic syndrome, which includes these conditions;

– severe weight loss;

– lowering blood pressure to critical indicators;

– icteric color of the skin;

– poor appetite and indigestion;

– tachycardia.

Even if in this condition the patient ceases to drink alcohol, he will definitely feel better, but without a medical examination and medical treatment here is not enough.

Interesting and simultaneously frightening fact: alcoholic cirrhosis can develop within a few years and do not send any signals, in fact because of this, patients learn about their diagnosis when doctors are powerless.

The only method of prevention of this disease is the rejection of the use of alcoholic beverages or, if necessary, treatment of alcohol dependence.

The appearance of the above symptoms of alcoholic cirrhosis should immediately consult a doctor for help, perhaps special therapy will save lives.

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