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Called the best exercises that replace running

Названы лучшие упражнения, заменяющие бег These classes replace the running load.

By the standards of the American heart Association, we should devote at least 30 minutes a day running or other aerobic exercise. Running efficiently burns calories, and ease of training always attracts a lot of people.

It so happens that we need to do effective exercises, but no running. When we have an injury or just got bored of running, it is possible to find a replacement for this lesson. You may be surprised that at least effective exercises are not so little

Harold Gibbons, trainer at new York sports school Mark Fisher Fitness says that for those who really want to get rid of extra pounds does not have to run, you just need to train hard, and it will be run, bike or jump rope, it doesn’t matter. The following exercises, which are not inferior to the running load, if they perform properly and without laziness.

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The jump

Exercise burns calories during and after its implementation. Scientists forced test subjects to jump continuously for 20 seconds with maximum frequency, then 10 seconds rest. Just 30 minutes of this work was equal to a 13.4 calories per minute. Active calorie burning was observed after training.

The emission weights

According to scientists from the University of Wisconsin, this movement involves the glutes, quads and shoulders, not to mention the cardio. During the study it was found that one minute of exercise burns calories 20,2 – when 93% of your maximum heart load and a 20-minute workout.

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Jumping rope

At a frequency of 100-120 jumps per minute accelerates to the speed of burning of 13 kcal/min Thus, the more intense the exercise and the more muscles involved, the faster you will lose weight.

Squats and pushups

Personal trainer Jeff Godin advises to run this complex as quickly as possible: 10 times in 60 seconds. The only way to accelerate your metabolism on the level calaratjada revs.

The work with the rope

This exercise will give minus 10.3 calories per minute. And the heavier the rope, the more effective your fight against excess weight.

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