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Called the basic rules of nutrition in Oncology

Названы основные правила питания при онкологииThe oncologists told me how to eat right during treatment of cancer.

All the types of cancer one way or another affect the appetite and taste perception food. With cancer it is very important to eat properly, because it is the key to a good and more easy passage chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The oncologists gave the advice that will allow a person with a serious cancer diagnosis to overcome all the problems associated with food:

1. Refrain from acidic products, if in connection with the disease in your mouth sores appear.

2. Cool foods before eating it, especially when strong odors inhibit your mood. It is proved that cold foods weaken the taste buds.

3. Consult your doctor before making a diet. In this issue many contradictions. The same recipe may not be suitable for everyone, so it is important to ask your doctor which foods, in what proportions and at what time of day you personally eat better.

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4. Ask loved ones for help. When the cancer worsened appetite and mood, but also health in General, it’s better to ask someone from relatives to cook you the food that you like and do no harm.

5. Always carry a handful of nuts. First, nuts – nutritious, high-calorie and very useful product, enriching the blood with fatty acids. Second, cancer patients with poor appetite nuts can be a salvation because to force yourself to eat 20-30 grams of nuts easier than a bowl of soup.

6. Drink a smoothie. This drink can be enriched with beneficial proteins and other trace elements. Besides, smoothies are doing great with such a side effect of chemotherapy as dry mouth. Use berries, bananas, cereal, dairy products, cheese and so on.

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7. Replace the roast pork boiled chicken. Many people for some reason decided that the meat at all when cancers. Actually, this is misleading, because the meat contains essential amino acids needed by the body. But from roast pork or lamb should give up, because carcinogens and excess calories can harm the patient.

Oncologists recommend the use of non-metallic and plastic Cutlery, because the already in the mouth in cancer patients in the process of cancer treatment is often an unpleasant metallic taste.

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