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Called the basic error of applying face cream

Названы основные ошибки нанесения крема для лицаFrom the cream we do not expect incredible miracles, but still it should work: to moisturize, nourish, fight fine wrinkles and make the skin more elastic.

It often happens that even the highest quality cream with a lovely composition does not work if you use it incorrectly.

Find out what the most common mistakes most of us make when applying funds, it is advisable beauticians,
Not enough cleanse the skin before applying

Surely you know how to clean the skin, but often a simple washing with water or even foam is not enough. Sometimes our pores are clogged so deep that it is even unnoticeable. The problem is easily solved: after cleansing, wipe the skin with micellar water. You will be surprised when you see that the cotton pad is dirty again! To make the cream to work effectively, you need to use it only to thoroughly clean, and even better — lightly steamed skin.

Use cold cream

Many of us keep creams in the fridge (unless the care label says that you can’t do that), and there is nothing wrong — so the product will last longer. But put on the face cold cream there’s no point — like components are “frozen” and their effectiveness is reduced in several times.

An hour before using the tool, make sure to get it out of the fridge, and even better — before applying heat up slightly with your fingers to activate the formula.

Scoop cream from the jar with your fingers

This rule applies primarily on organic cosmetics which do not contain preservatives. In such creams, if they are Packed in a jar, not a tube, it is better not to go fingers — bacteria from our hands enter into a chemical reaction with the components of the cream, changing its original composition. Why use a shovel when you scoop up the cream.

Apply the cream massaging gently

How your product will work, depends not only on its composition but on the method of application. If you just RUB the tool across the face of the active chaotic movements, the special effects are not wait — unless I stretch the skin. There are special massage, you need to spread the cream lightly with your fingertips.

Every night and morning, do a facial massage (it won’t take more than a minute) — the movement should be from the center to the periphery. That is, begin to apply the product with two hands from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from the nose to the ear lobes, the middle of the chin to the cheeks.

Use a night cream for 5 minutes before bedtime

Putting on sunscreen and immediately went to sleep, sound familiar? Well, of course, a jar of cream as it is written — “the night”! Only this does not mean that immediately after using need to cling my cheek to the pillow, wiping the whole part about the pillowcase. Before you go to sleep, let the cream soak in and act — apply it at least 40 minutes before bedtime.

Do not wash off night cream

In the morning on the face, you should not feel the presence of night cream if skin is still oily, and the cream is not absorbed, so you need to either change the tool or apply it more thinly. If in any case you discover the remains of the night’s product, then washing with water only is not enough — use a soft foam or gel.

Use day cream before going out

Another common mistake is to apply the cream just before going out, when the skin is more oily and attracts all the fine dust. It would be correct to use a day cream an hour before leaving the house — after this time you can safely blot the rest of the tissue, because the skin has already taken all the necessary substances.

Too often, use a nourishing cream

A nourishing cream must be in your purse, but even the most expensive and high-quality tool can harm if used too often. Apply the cream 2-3 times a week and the rest of the time use a regular moisturizer. Otherwise, it’ll spoil your skin, she’ll get used to abundant food and protection, and then stop itself to develop the necessary substances that will lose the natural immunity.

Apply a thick layer

Another common error that reduces all your efforts to naught, — application of the cream is too thick. This is the case, when the generosity is misplaced. Your skin need as much cream, how much it is able to absorb! If the face of the film remains, then simply cuts off all the oxygen, the skin does not breathe, which can cause premature aging.

The years don’t change your care

Even if you have found a favorite cream, ideal skin, it does not mean that they can use. The fact that our skin very quickly gets used to any effects, and the active ingredients contained in cosmetics, cease to operate.

To avoid this, every 2-3 months throw the skin a break from any”compound” means no hyaluronic acid and vitamin cocktails for a week! Skin also needs to “diet” again to start to accept nutrients. At this time, just go for the plain cream, and then we can go back to your favourite products.

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