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Called supplements that will help to make the usual coffee taste even better

Названы добавки, которые помогут сделать привычный кофе ещё вкуснееThe most popular satellites coffee sugar, milk and cream.

In reality, combinations of coffee a lot more than everyone used to think.

The taste of coffee can emphasize a variety of spices, syrups and even a very unexpected everyday foods. The main thing — not to get carried away additives and proportioning.


Change the taste of the coffee is ordinary salt. Although it sounds a bit strange, but the main seasoning for any kitchen effectively neutralizes the coffee bitter taste, which often try to drown out the cream or sugar. A small pinch of salt in a Cup will be enough. In this case, you will not feel salty taste, and the bitterness will disappear.

Vanilla extract

Vanilla is great not only highlights the taste of baked goods. An original touch she can add and coffee. Instead artificial additives it’s better to use a natural vanilla extract that you can easily prepare on their own. If you add in the finished drink, and a coffee maker to cooking, on top of the flat wrap is an amazing scent.


Cinnamon has a naturally sweet taste, making it an excellent additive to coffee. Instead of sweetening the coffee with sugar, you can substitute a few pinches of cinnamon. Coffee acquire the sweetness, a new sound and without tons of calories.


Spicy notes of cardamom blended with almost all dishes. It is therefore not surprising that in the East it is added as a spice even in tea and coffee. In addition to the taste with a hint of lemon spice gives a charge of vivacity, strengthens immunity and has a positive effect on the digestive tract. For a richer flavor, add it in small quantities.

Maple syrup

There are many applications of maple syrup, and pancakes for Breakfast — only one of them. In addition the sweet syrup from the SAP of the sugar maple tree is a great complement to the taste of your morning coffee. You can also use it as a sweetener, and as an aromatic additive.


Very often the chocolate and coffee help a lot to maintain the activity throughout the day. So why not combine these two products in one drink? The flavor of the coffee can vary, chocolate syrup, cocoa powder or even chocolate shavings.


Tasted like something brand drink Tibetan tea with Yak milk, butter and salt, the American Dave Aspri decided that the piece of butter can improve the taste of coffee. Since oil and coffee became a favorite drink of workers in Silicon valley. Appreciate it not only for the unusual flavour and the increasing concentration and invigorating effect that persists throughout the day.

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