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Called seven rules for a long life

Названы семь правил долгой жизниNeed to control cholesterol.

American cardiologist Clyde Yancy made recommendations, following which can ensure longevity. He believes that the human body is originally programmed for a long life.

Reduce generally unhealthy habits. The doctor advises to increase physical activity: running, swimming, intensive walking. Among sedentary people, according to him, several times more likely to develop heart disease or stroke.

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You also need to control cholesterol, you cannot allow him to rise above the level of 5 units. In addition, to increase their chances of a long life is to abandon a large quantity of sweets, fast food and soda. Need to consume sufficient amounts of fiber, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits. Need to prevent pressure build-up.

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It is particularly important to control it after reaching the 45 years. You should also keep a normal weight and perform prevention of diabetes. You need to stop Smoking, the newspaper reports Medikforum.

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