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Called products that cannot be stored frozen

Названы продукты, которые нельзя хранить замороженнымиIt is harmful to health.

There are a number of foods that it is theoretically possible to freeze – but to use them then not. Specialists told that it cannot be stored in the freezer.

One of the products, which are contraindicated freezing are chicken eggs. According to experts, too low temperature will cause the egg to crack it will happen because of the expansion of albumen and yolk, similar to crack in the cold bottle of water. Freezing can not tolerate products containing in its composition cream, soft cheeses, mayonnaise, sauces. At the same time, whipped cream, organic cheese and whole milk to freeze it’s possible, said sanitary doctors.

Moreover, the freezing spoils, depriving of taste and textures, vegetables and fruits containing a lot of moisture. It is wrong to send in freezing raw potatoes – should be kept only in a cool place. But cooked potatoes can be safely frozen and reheated in subsequent days, say experts.

“Do not store in the freezer for poorly packaged products, canned food, bread crumbs. An improperly closed products freeze kristallizuetsya, there is be nearly impossible. Canned food, biscuits and other products storage just don’t need in the freezer,” he told the epidemiologists.

Absolutely not, according to them, to freeze once already thawed products – this leads to a multiple increase in the number of bacteria on them, and their use is extremely dangerous for health.

Also do not need to put in the freezer and refrigerator hot freshly cooked meals – only after cooling to room temperature. If hot will be in the refrigerator, it will warm up the surrounding space, and the risk of bacteria on all the adjacent products immediately will greatly increase.

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