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Called often good reasons to climb up stairs

Названы веские причины чаще подниматься вверх по лестницам According to doctors, up the stairs has health benefits.

Experts often advise people as appropriate training to climb stairs and not to use the Elevator. And here are 6 reasons why we should do it regularly, according to the Chronicle.Info with reference to health info.

Training on a treadmill or elliptical trainer on a daily basis seem too boring. It is possible to replace the regular stairs, which will replace the use of elevators.

This hoist must be performed correctly, and then he will bring important health benefits. First, not horbites, when you climb the stairs and skip one step if you can. Eventually it will be possible to take extra weight in order to make training more effective. Naturally, when climbing stairs, it is better not to touch the railing, which, while facilitate these workouts, but make them less effective.

And what is the payload capacity?

First, they strengthen the muscles of legs and buttocks more effectively than many other exercises.

Secondly, regular climbs the stairs to reduce the level of pain in the lower back, as shown by numerous studies.

However, these lifts should be avoided, if you suffer from pain in the knees.

Thirdly, climbing stairs helps to lose weight if you combine these cardio with strength training. In the body, accelerating the process of burning excess fat, and musculature, in contrast, is growing.

Fourth, climbing the stairs is a serious challenge. Load, which we handle easily, don’t bring great moral satisfaction.

Fifth, this is the best exercise for strengthening core muscles.

Finally, sixth, the regular climb stairs enhance the health of the cardiovascular system. This is because they increase the heart rate, which strengthens the heart. In the future, it becomes easier to do other cardio like Jogging or jumping rope.

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