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Called “killer” mistakes married women

Названы «убийственные» ошибки замужних женщинThat is categorically not to do when you’re married.

Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity knows is wonderful, why should not a man do to marriage remained strong. However, have you thought over what mistakes should not prevent you. No? But in vain! It is better to know and prevent than to regret the consequences. So you should avoid married woman?

1. Avoiding sex

“The more experience of family life, the less sex in their bedroom”. Let this statement not be the rule. Today is going to be sex? Yes this is cool! In anticipation of their own special charm. The expectation of sex has to lead you into a state of joyful excitement, not discouragement. No “I’m tired”, “maybe not tonight” and “head hurts”. To want sex, in spite of fatigue or a lot of unresolved issues, you need to radically change the attitude towards it. Think of the joys of love not as a duty or a burden at the end of a hard day’s work and like leisure. By the way, very pleasant. But you know that.

2. Criticism

You like it when you criticize? So your husband is not. Not said, not looked, have not done so… You are constantly dissatisfied with something. And sour, among other things, the appeal adds. As well as irritation. He catches himself once again on a desire to snarl, try to hold back. Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Now change the structure of the sentence. For example, instead of “where are You taking the sugar bowl?! There and put!”, say, “Honey, could you put the sugar bowl in place?”. Instead of “You’re still not done?!”, say “Will be just fine if you do.” And watch your tone. Courtesy – destiny of kings. And you do her!

3. Insults

Every family occasionally there are quarrels, without this in any way. But the showdown from turning into a break (PAH-PAH-PAH) never stoop to personal insults. “Bastard”, “jerk”, “asshole”, “pig”, and similar words is prohibited. Otherwise, you husband humiliated and made unhappy. In retaliation, he will make you miserable. Or just go away. And this time you’ll prove that when in a fit of rage shouted “idiot”, you didn’t mean? And what really do you love him? Idiot this. A painful wound is not a method of education of the second half. It will lead to no good. But straight talk can.

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4. Groomed appearance

Remember, the man loves? Yeah, eyes. If you run, his eyes start looking for someone else to love. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to buy new clothes or pamper your skin with a good Sremcica. Go to the hairdresser and to the beautician. Do not forget about the manicure and pedicure. Oblasti nail Polish or cracked heels and rough – not comme Il faut. The lack of available Finance is not an excuse. To care for the nails and feet you can own, it would wish. If wag in her hand, sooner or later, just go and your better half. And, you see, it’s flattering to hear from her husband: “You look beautiful” or “I Have the most beautiful wife in the world”. In the heart of the once flowers bloom.

5. The lack of self-realization

Marriage is happiness. But when a woman is completely soluble in it, not interested in anything more and ceases to be a person, happiness gone. Out of all the cracks out of the complexes. “I’m nobody”. Nothing of the sort! This is a misconception. To raise self esteem, find something you love to do. Ideally, have a favorite work that brings moral satisfaction, and money. Or at least one. If you for some reason don’t work, get yourself a hobby. Who knows, it’s possible that someday it will lead you to success. And financial including.

6. Not money single

There is never enough money, even if a lot of them. The higher the income, the more needs and expenses. Therefore, to raise the amount of Finance at the forefront is unwise. Yes, the material condition plays an important role in family life. Great, when you can afford stuff, not to count the pennies to paycheck. But the words “wealth” and “happiness” are not synonymous. And billionaires are unhappy though and are swimming in money. So appreciate what you gave you a destiny in the moment. In particular, family. And the money will come with time. Still get rich. Most importantly, do not fall to him in a relationship.

7. Sarcasm instead of humor

A great tool that helps to solve everyday and other problems in family life – humor. Had a good laugh over the trouble, and it does not seem so terrible. And you can make fun of each other, but do not stick fold. Right to joke is an art. And don’t confuse humor with sarcasm or at least do not point to the last husband. Sharpness should not hurt and to offend, otherwise, it is sarcasm. Pranks and malicious giggling excluded. By the way, it would be good if, before you chuckle over the man, you learned a sense of humor to yourself.

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8. Friend

So many times we have to speak-spoke that single ladies are not averse to knock out the wedges to the husband of her best friend, and things are there. Friend continue to steal other people’s husbands. Yeah don’t let those frenemies friends to her man! Keep at a distance. Meet with them (or her) own, without my second half. Unless, of course, in General there was a desire to meet. Sometimes a friend tries to pretend to be an innocent lamb and bleats: “Oh, I have the tap in the kitchen is flowing, maybe your husband to come fix it?”. The correct answer is: “can Not!”. And to the point. In extreme cases, if you are not ready to refuse, go along with the husband. Will be more reliable.

9. Cheating

Cheating is not the beginning of the end, and actually the end. Relationships are not just cracks, but completely split. No matter who’s cheating. Will never be “as before”. Confidence will not return. “To forgive or to say goodbye” – choose the deceived. Psychologists give advice in the style of “how to survive infidelity and save your marriage”, and whether you want to keep such a marriage? You decide with her husband. In any case, the path will be long and thorny: either divorce, or “life after infidelity”. Before jumping in the sack, think about what you can lose.

10. The war with the mother-in-law

Sadly, the winners in the battle with mother-in-law will not. Only losers and victims. Morally. Understand better the “bad peace” than the war to the last. To minimize losses, the best option is to live separately. Let the “tent”, a dormitory, a Dorm, a rented room, but alone. Your task is to instill this idea to my husband (and even better – to the groom before the wedding). In fairness it should be noted that not all mother-in-law bad. Look to your closely – it is likely that she is interested in a smooth and friendly relationship with you.

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