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Called healing properties of the drink Paraguayan Yerba mate

Названы целебные свойства парагвайского напитка матеDrink “mate” has a mass of useful properties, so experts recommend drinking it daily.

Few know that mate is a health drink, brewed from the dried leaves of Holly Paraguayan plant, possessing tonic properties and not only.

Doctors are confident that it is much healthier to drink mate than the usual and the favorite coffee, because in the first case the drink does not harm the organism, and is extremely beneficial for him. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

These unique properties of mate you hardly knew before:

1. Decreased appetite and aid in weight loss. Mate called one of the most useful of drinks, which quickly destroys the feeling of hunger and does not allow a person to overeat. Those who are going to an event where the table will fall from high-calorie foods, nutritionists advise an hour before the meal to drink a Cup of warm Yerba mate without sugar. Thus, it will protect your figure of calories because his appetite will be significantly reduced.

2. Calms the nerves. Yerba mate has similar properties as pharmaceutical antidepressants, only this drink absolutely no chemicals that can adversely affect the liver and digestive organs. Those who suffer from insomnia and stress, you should definitely try to treat the nervous system with the help of a mate.

3. Stimulates brain activity. As mentioned above, Yerba mate of effect on people, like coffee. In this regard, the physicians are advised to Wake up with coffee with a Cup of freshly brewed mate. This drink has a tonic, stimulating, invigorating properties, so drinking it in the morning after Breakfast, you will quickly fall into line and will not feel sleepy during the day.

4. Strengthening the immune system. The Mat is indispensable in the offseason, when the immune system is exposed to the outside floating in the air of infections and viruses. Experts say that regular consumption of this drink has a positive effect on the performance of the immune system, and accelerates the process of healing, if he still had something to pick up.

5. Healing of ulcers in the digestive tract. Not to say that Mata is better than tablets and the special sparing diet, but in the treatment of ulcers of the stomach or duodenum, even doctors recommend to lean on the Mat, as it contains antioxidants that possess regenerative properties.

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