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Called foods that should not eat on an empty stomach

Названы продукты, которые не стоит есть натощакThere are foods that fasting is contraindicated.

They lose their useful properties or can cause allergies and development of different diseases.

Let’s see what you can’t eat on an empty stomach.

1. Coffee

We got used to starting the morning with delicious coffee. But to drink it on an empty stomach is impossible. This drink irritate the stomach and promotes the production of gastric juice. Thus, through time, can develop gastritis. Eat oatmeal for Breakfast, and then on the way to work grab a coffee – this will be the right decision.

2. Sweets

If on an empty stomach to eat sweets, it will not affect the pancreas. Upon waking she is unable to produce proper amount of insulin. If there are sweets in the morning – it leads to a rise in blood sugar. Better treat yourself with a candy or chocolate during the day.

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3. Yogurt

In an empty stomach this product loses some of its beneficial properties. It can be eaten an hour after a meal.

4. Pear

This fruit a lot of roughage, which injure the delicate mucous membranes of the digestive organs. Especially dangerous pear with a very dense texture: in these fibers especially a lot.

5. Pastries

Yeast contribute to the development of gastric gases and therefore having discomfort of a bloat.

6. Citrus

You used to start the morning with freshly squeezed orange juice? Then you have to give it up. The fact that many citrus acid, which slowly erodes the gastric mucosa, so this product can’t eat on an empty stomach.

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7. Persimmon

It is full of indigestible fibers, which slow the motility of the stomach and intestines. If persimmons to eat on an empty stomach, the stomach can “become”.

8. Garlic

This pungent spice is not recommended to drink on an empty stomach because it irritates the mucous membranes. And bad breath is also ensured.

Start the morning with other useful products. It can be a whole wheat toasts with cheese and greens or oatmeal with milk and seasonal berries and fruits.

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